December 10, 2019

Mestrando Estagiario Baiano has been practicing martial arts for over 4 decades in various traditional and eclectic arts. His life in Capoeira started in the late 1990's

Kasey aka Baiano has practiced martial arts since for 40+ and is an expert in various disciplines both traditional and eclectic styles and applications. Capoeira has been his passion since the early 90's as influenced by the movie "Only the Strong" and the first instructional videos from Mestre Amen Santos and Mestre Nelson Reis

He has experience in both Capoeira Angola and Regional and is Founder of the Afro Brazilian Martial Arts and Fitness or New Jersey which is the first group to promote and teach Capoeira in Monmouth and Ocean County. 

He has also done self defense workshops, cultural presentations and mentoring to many social, outreach programs, cultural and community public and private education, as well as many colleges and universities on the Jersey Shore

The group "Capoeira Sol Nascente USA" was founded in 2002 under the supervision of Mestre Romeu, the late Mestrando Mikim and Contramestre Didi (Joao Martins Leite) who was the first to teach Kasey the art of "becoming Brazilian". He speaks fluent Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish plus is a percussionist, jazz piano artist, vegan chef, singer/songwriter, and artisan.

​In December 2018, He has earned a new title in Capoeira which is Mestrando Estagiario Baiano

and the First American Master teacher of the group of Capoeira Sol Nascente USA, under Mestre Romeu the first Capoeira program of the Jersey Shore since 2002.



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