June 10, 2025

1. Always Ginga- The simplest of complex movements. Moving in time with the rhythm in mind. The same arm moves back with the leg and visa versa. Keep moving and your are doing it right!

2. Escapes- Best thing to learn about Capoeira is to escape. It's the easiest defense against the opposing force.  Don't worry, you won't get kicked...unless you don't move.

3. Learn Balance- It may be as simple as squatting down and standing up or leaning to one side and touch your hand to the floor.  The rest will come to you

4. Learn the basic kicks- Kicks are either direct, indirect or circular. There are only 7 basic kicks that cover all ranges. The other fancy stuff comes from learning the basic mechanics of your body.

5.Don't be afraid- Move close to learn about how to use your escapes properly. If you are playing with someone, usually they will see you are a beginner and try to help you learn better.

6. Stay calm- Sometimes in the excitement of movement, you can get anxious...take care to be relaxed and calm yourself if you are feeling nervous. It will help the energy of your game.

7. Learn to play the instruments- Start with a three count rhythm on the 'pandeiro' (tambourine like instrument) 'agogo' (double cow bell) or 'reco-reco' (instrument played by rubbing a stick on the grooves). When you advance, then you will learn the 'atabaque' (hand drum) to keep the heartbeat of the game moving. The berimbau takes some getting used to, but even when you get to that, use the basic rhythm

8. Study Material-

No matter what group you are with, as every group has its songs and sequences, remember that you don't have to limit yourself to the 2 to 3 classes a week in your studio. Learn new things to add to your game

9. Don't overdo it!

Being in something new and exciting like Capoeira can boost your adrenaline to the top level and give you great feelings both mentally and physically, but rule of thumb is anything in excess is not good for you. Train hard and smart but remember that you need recovery time...so its ok that you don't do 1000 esquivas...all it takes is one to get out of the way :)

10. Have Fun- after all it is a Game

Don't stress if you don't get it perfect, no one did at first. It's like learning a language or eating a meal, you have to take your time and remember...keep smiling and laughing in the game. It makes it less stressful and more meaningful to your learning!



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